hey kids-

finally, after about a month in the making i’m proud to show this off. the new print for the TIME IS THE ENEMY show doubles as a limited edition hand printed ep for history’s most underrated band STARKWEATHER.

rennie approached me about this project in december, saying that they would be playing a show up in syracuse as part of a film fest. they wanted to release the two songs that they contributed to a split they did with overmars as a super limited edition using STUMPTOWN PRINTERS' carlos packaging. he originally asked if i would be willing to print the original shirt design i did for them, but seeing as that image uses a black background and the stumptown only offers packaging in chipboard and clay coated newsback, i didn’t feel that it would look right. i took this as an opportunity to create a new image that i could also use for my then upcoming show with PAUL ROMANO and JEREMY HUSH. i honestly feel that this is one of my best pieces to date. the poster was printed in time for the show at MASTHEAD PRINT STUDIO, and the packaging was finalized yesterday when i got the discs. the packaging was printed by myself along with the help of the ever amazing paul romano.

tonight is the closing for the group show. if you weren’t able to make it out in time you can always pick up this and many more prints at my ONLINE STORE. as for the actual ep’s, you’d have to see if starkweather has any left after tonight’s show. there will hopefully also be a shirt made of this design and as soon as that’s finalized i’ll be sure to post a link.

more to come as always!


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