hey kids-

i’m uploading this later than i hoped, but i’ve been away from the magical world of the northeast visiting family elsewhere, so computer access is limited. but i digress.

here is the last design for A LIFE ONCE LOST's winter merch line. i recently picked up a book at strand bookstore near union square in manhattan (one of my new favorite places in the world, anyone able to go there should immediately) on alchemy and mysticism filled with wonderful plates to illustrate their alchemical methods. meadows and i tore through the book over a pile of amazing veggie wings and noticed the circle being an important shape in the images. since i can't get enough of the alol O emblem, this image was created based on that book. the lyric “i am” appears on their upcoming album, coming in 2011. get pumped.

more news: i created a twitter page. yes, i caved. boo me. find me on twitter as @thefatkidillus.

old news: buy prints. seriously.

more to come when i’m back home.


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