hey kids-

so FINALLY, after practically bursting at the seams to tell people about this, i’m finally ready to hit you with this: i got to design all of the stage elements (stage banner, kick drums, and drum riser skirt) for the current AUGUST BURNS RED tour! seriously!

thanks to a good buddy over at GOOD FIGHT ENTERTAINMENT, i was asked to come up with a rough sketch of what i would do for a 25’ x 15’ stage banner. the only requirements were that it include a somber looking weeping willow and somehow use the snowy splatter i did in this painting. after submitting said sketch, only a few requests were made to spice it up and it was good to go. though my computer certainly strained under the weight of such a huge file (the big banner is almost 9 GB in size), the work got done and now can be seen up on stage with these guys every night. wiiiiiild!

in addition to this, i was asked if i would be willing to put together two kick drums, a drum riser skirt, and a smaller banner (15’ x 10’) that had the band’s name instead of the moons. though i didn’t include the images of the kick drums or the drum riser because i didn’t incorporate any new elements into those, i did include an image of the smaller banner as the logo was quite a different experience for me.

lastly, i was asked to put together a hoodie design as a tour exclusive using the stage banner illustration. this was actually trickier than one might think as a hoodie is not a horizontal format like a stage banner is. i was able to pull it off however and only using three screens. it’s not quite as colorful as the stage banner, but it conveys the same idea. this is also one of the few times that i have worked with halftones in a shirt design. i may have to do more of that.

though hard to see, you can kind of make out the banner in the background in this video. this is their first show of the tour at starland ballroom in new jersey. come out to the show at the tla in philly on march 3rd and hang out with me while i realize that this really happened.

more to come this week! count on it!